Chemical Compounds

BackFill Earth Enhancing Compound

Benefits of Back Fill Compound

>No maintenance.
>Long Life.
>Automatically rechargeable.
>No Need to pouring water time to time.

Earthing Back fill Compound Composition

>Advance Earthing Enhancing compound is high conductivity.Improves earth absorbing power and humidity
retention capability.
>Shall be non-corrosive in nature having low water solubility but highly hygroscopic.
>Shall be suitable for installation in dry form or in a slurry form.
>Shall not depend on the continuous presence of water to maintain its conductivity.
>Shall be permanent & maintenance free and in it sets form maintains constant earth resistance with time.
>Shall be thermally stable between -100C to +600C ambient temperatures.
>Back Fill Compound not require periodic charging treatment nor replacement and maintenance.
>Shall be suitable for any kind of electrode and all kind of soil of different resistivity.
>Shall not pollute or local water table and meets environmental friendly requirements for landfill.
>Shall not be explosive.
>Back Fill Compound not cause burns, irritation to eye,skin etc.