About Us

We as Saferod Technologies Pvt. Ltd. are the leading organization in the field Installation and providing back up services for our Earthing Electrode ‘Saferod Earth Electrode and back fill compound material which is a superior product and comparatively priced to other products in Indian market and also our product is warranted for ten years for any manufacturing defects. .


  • Teaming Up

We specialize in installation and testing highly conductive, corrosion free earthing system as well as lightning protection system. Our services extend to private businesses (large and small) as well as government agencies ranging from domestic, state to national levels. Our electrode is available in different sizes of 6 Feet and 10 Feet along with Back Fill Material which reduces the resistivity of Earth around the Electrode. We assured you for the required Ohmic value in normal conditions as well as with multiple installations in rocky areas.

Our company is headed by a team of dedicated, motivated and qualified experts in their areas of operations and expertise in their respective fields of Electrical Earthing from the last more than four years, therefore we understand the client’s need and work with the goal “to be the best at what we are and keep striving for excellence